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Layout of Gandipet:

Introduction :

Osman Sagar was created by constructing a dam on the Musi River in 1916, to serve as drinking water reservoir for Hyderabad, and also to save the city from floods. Realizing the importance of reclamation of green environment for growth in the state, the Government of Telangana State has taken up the programme of restoring the lakes Save gandipet is a Programme Under Mana Ooru Mana Cheruvu Programme of The Govenrment.

Present Stage Of Gandipet :

1) Encroachments into FTL of lake: 108 have been identified in survey

2) Ek fasal Pattas within FTL

3) Pollution of water : Fishing, Grazing etc.

Objective Of Save Gandipet :

1) To protect the lake from all encroachments.

2) To build a fencing along the FTL (Full Tank Level )of the Lake without disturbing water inflows & outflows so as to stop further encroachments.

3) Formation of Recreational spaces including walking /Jogging , Cycling Tracks & Landscape areas to create a lively & healthy environment all around the Lake .

Protection Plan Of Gandipet :

Total Perimeter of the Lake is 56.00 Km. The entire protection work can be executed in 5 phases starting from the Bund Area

Total Fencing Cost for 56.00 Km     = 26.24Cr
Fencing for 56.00 Km Periphery     = 15.86Cr
For 10Km Cycling Track, Walking Track and Other Amenities     = 7.59Cr
Miscellaneous Amount     = 2.78Cr